**edited 7NOV10 to reflect my last minute trip to New York for a 5k!

Well my last open water race of the year is done, large portions of the adventure beard have been burned down (although I continue to maintain a goatee of epic proportions), and it’s time to take a look as just where this year’s open water season has taken me. As it would turn out, a lot of places! My original plan called for about 11 open water races… I finished with 20! Whoops :)

In looking back I figured I’d take a minute to break down some of the numbers involved in making this happen. I skipped the travel costs though for a few reasons… 1. I don’t want to know 2. I don’t like math 3. flying out of my town is expensive and probably not representative of the costs most other people would have to do this.

Total Open Water Races: 21 (some events allowed multiple races on one day)

Miles Raced: 65.74 miles or 105.8 kilometers
Shortest Race: .75 miles in Lake Del Valle, CA
Longest Race: 12.6 miles from Manhattan Beach to Santa Monica in the Pacific Ocean

Masters Events: 12
USAT Events: 2
Independent Events: 5
Entry Fees Paid: $1625 (approximately)

States Swam in - 8 for Open Water (California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, New York)… plus 3 for pool events (Nevada, Wisconsin, Georgia)
National Championship Events – 5 USMS open waters, plus one in the pool (ATL)
Oceans Swam in – 2 – the Pacific… a lot, and the Atlantic twice
Lakes Swam in – 7 – Lake Del Valle, Shadow Cliffs, Chris Greene Lake, Noblesville Reservoir, Lake Water Valley, Lake Michigan, Lake Norman
Bays Swam in – 3 – San Francisco Bay, Chesapeake Bay, Alamitos Bay
Rivers Swam in – 1 – James River
Islands Circumnavigated – 3 – Naples Island, Alcatraz, some man made island in a lake in Colorado

Planes Flown On for Open Water – 40 – add 14 more for pool meets
Airports Visited for Open Water – 15 – San Luis Obispo, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Detroit, Baltimore, DC, Richmond, Charlotte, New York (JFK)… add 4 more for pool meets – Las Vegas, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Atlanta
Bags Lost – 1 – shockingly low really… just once through Phoenix and I was reunited within 24 hours

Nights in Hotels for OW Swimming – 24
Marriott Rewards Status Attained – Gold, currently 10 nights from Platinum!
Free Nights Stayed - 7 with a few more saved up

Waterproof Digital Cameras Destroyed – 2
Adventure Beard Grown – 3.5 Inches

People to Thank: Way too many! For everyone that supported me, let me swim with their clubs while traveling, hang out with their teams at races, took pictures for me, invited me to lunches and dinners, hung out with me in airports, and helped me have fun and feel welcomed everywhere I went…. thank you!!!

7 Responses to “The Rob Aquatics Open Water Tour By the Numbers”

  1. Sully says:

    That’s an amazing list Rob and not a summer you will soon forget. What are you planning for a 2011 encore?

  2. Rob D says:

    Thanks Sully… I’m glad we got to cross paths a couple times in the midst of all that!

    I have no idea what 2011 will bring just yet… my only planned swim so far is the Kingdom Swim, the rest will be dictated by how much money I can pull together next year for swim travel… first I need to pay off this year!

  3. Gords says:

    Dang Rob, I’m jealous. That’s alot of OW races. If you feel like throwing in Utah to your list for 2011, there are a couple: The Deer Creek race, and the first annual Great Salt Lake race.

  4. Rob D says:

    if I can afford this type of adventure again next year I’ll definitely see if I can squeeze in Utah… maybe the challenge becomes to do an open water race in all 50 states… hmmm :)

  5. IronMike says:

    Hmmmm…Great Salt Lake…

  6. Rob D says:

    yeah actually… now that you mention it… how good of an idea is it to swim in the Great Salt Lake? Is it gross? Chaffe-y? Clear and wonderful and beautiful? Just curious since I’ve never heard of anyone swimming it. Now I’m intrigued…

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