I’m still kinda of sucking in the pool. My left shoulder remains displeased with me and frankly I’m just tired. I think it’s the big build up of all the stuff I did over the summer and now to just be done my body doesn’t know what to do about that. Last night I started to go to the gym again for some elliptical machine torture just to change things up a bit while I let my upper body sort itself out. I still need to plot out my workout plan from here on out to get my self set for next year, but for right now I’m content just coasting for a little bit as long as I keep doing something active on a regular basis.

I came in to today’s workout just wanting to be a little bit better than last week. I made an effort to go a little faster a few times which felt oddly good. I also spent a lot of time just going slow and focusing on my stroke. I’ve been pulling weird on my left side in a way I know is no good. I’m crossing under my body and that needs to stop like right now.

100 swim

8 x 50 kick @ 1:00
300 swim
8 x 50 IM Switching @ 1:00
8 x 50 variable speed @ 1:00

200 swim down

1800 total

Tomorrow we’re thinking about one last post work swim in the ocean. It’s the last Wednesday before the time changes and we’ll be without sunshine after 5pm. There’s been a supposed shark sighting in Shell Beach (within 3 miles of Avila) which sucks, but it sounds a little weak in my opinion. Like people have great whites on the brain and are thinking everything large and splashy is one. There was however a dead sea lion with some holes in it on the beach in Pismo which is a little more concerning to me.

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