The days just keep getting shorter but we keep managing to squeeze evening swims out of them! We met up at the usual time for our Wednesday night swim and the sun was already pretty low in the sky. That part made me a little nervous, swimming at sundown in the ocean isn’t necessarily the best plan but it was too nice to not swim. It had been a pretty warm day and the sky was clear with minimal wind.

We were 4 guys deep today… Niel, Ryan, Pete and me. We decided to take a quick shot to the point and back. They were all wetsuited up so their acclimation process was a lot faster than mine. We didn’t have an official reading today but it was colder than Sunday so I’m guessing 56 for the water temp tonight. It was a little rough for me to get in today. Still a little worn down I guess. The guys took off eventually and probably got 75m+ away before I took chase. We regrouped at the buoy line and then aimed for the point. We did pause at the last buoy just to let Pete catch up a bit, we didn’t want to get too far ahead of him.

3 of us swam in a bit of a pack towards the Point. Niel and Ryan led shoulder to shoulder and I swam just behind in the gap between them. Once we were close enough to the rocks for my taste I stopped to try and spot Pete to get a little visual confirmation he was on track. It took a minute to pick him out of the glare from the sun setting behind us but eventually we saw each other and gave a little wave. When I turned around to see where the other guys were at I was surprised to see that they kept on trucking for that big wall of rock! Yikes, not for me dude. They swam up real close and then swam up it out to the point. I cut a little different line and met them at the end. There were some decent swells rolling though and I had no desire to get tossed onto a rock by one!

When the 3 of us were together we decided to turn back now since the sun was dropping so quickly and just pick up Pete en route. On the way back we were swimming into the glare of a setting sun and then just increasingly dark skies… the sun had dropped behind the mountains. This was making me a little nervous. I stayed right on the side of Niel and let him do the navigating. As luck would have it he got in a bit of a groove and aimed the wrong direction. I felt a little off but couldn’t see anything solid to sight off of so I figured he was right… until I got a chest full of kelp. We were at the reef buoy instead of the buoy line, whoops. After crawling over a bunch of kelp (and when you’re cold that stuff hurts a little!) we were back into some wide open water.

At the real buoy line we regrouped again. Ryan had followed our line through the wrong buoy and was just behind us but we couldn’t see Pete. We spent a while floating and looking for him. We couldn’t find him at all and it was making us nervous. Eventually Ryan spotted him by the shore. He had swum the complete opposite route from the rest of us. It looked like he was on the beach so we got back to the business of getting out of the water. We booked it down to the last buoy and then swung back to the beach.

It was gorgeous out there tonight. The sky was pink and orange and the water looked like liquid metal. I was a little edgy towards the end with the sun coming down, but the sheer beauty of the surroundings of our swim overpowered that. It’s hard to share the experience with someone that wasn’t there… the pictures from today don’t do it justice… but they’ll give your imagination a good jumping off point :)

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2 Responses to “Racing the Sun”

  1. Sheila says:

    Wow. 56 degrees with no wetsuit and racing the sun. Gutsy. Sounds like a beautiful swim, though.

  2. Rob D says:

    it was aesthetically fantastic… it wouldn’t have hurt my feelings if it had been a little warmer though :)