After having the idea planted in my brain a while ago by Marathon Swim Machine David Barra, I really really wanted to go do this Veteran’s Day 5k swim being held at Coney Island next week. The stars were not aligning however. I didn’t have any days off to use and the flights I could take based on frequent flyer miles would get me to New York too late to make it to the swim. I had given up all hope and officially ended the 2010 Rob Aquatics Open Water Tour with the 12.6 mile Distance Swim Challenge. However something reignited the thought in my head the other day and just to torture myself I went and looked at United one more time to see what I could get accomplished with my saved up miles. Apparently I had some new points show up in my account from somewhere which pushed me over the edge for a new tier of flights that would actually get me to NYC early enough to get to the race! Sweet! I scooped up the last available ticket and entered the race. It’s going to cost me a whole $10 round trip from San Luis Obispo to New York City!

I am super stoked to add 4 more air planes, 1 more ocean, 1 more state, 1 more airport, 1 more event, and 3.1 more miles to my 2010 World Tour!!! This will be my first taste of the Atlantic Ocean and obviously the best time to do this is November… in New York City… haha… awesome :)

Appropriately enough this Veteran’s Day swim also happens to be a fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior Project and the Service Women’s Action Network. If you’d like to support me by making a donation to the cause you can do so here at By the way for those of you that didn’t know, I’m actually an Army veteran myself…

this probably wasn't the best picture available to prove that I was in the Army...

3 Responses to “Open Water Tour Encore! Going to NYC!”

  1. IronMike says:

    Will your shoulder survive another swim?

  2. Rob D says:

    that sir is a fantastic question… I’m thinking I’ll be ok on this one. I do a lot better in cold water, probably because I can’t feel it over the cold. Plus this is just for fun… I’m not really looking to “Race” so if things are hurting I’ll just slow it down

  3. [...] showed up to the beach with some new found purpose today. I’m very excited to have sneaked in one more open water race for the year, and in New York City no less! But swimming 5k in NYC in November means making sure my cold water tolerance is in full [...]