So SwimNetwork did a piece on the top 5 swimmer inspired Halloween outfits, and I’ll admit it’s pretty funny. As one would expect it has Phelps, Rowdy is in there, Mark Spitz and his magic mustache, amongst others. There was one glaring omission however… ME!!! I mean how do you pass over an obscure masters swimming blogger for such things? In lieu of being angry about it I figured instead I would give you all an easy step by step guide of how to dress like your favorite swim blogger for Halloween.

Step 1: Shave Your Head

Not only will it give you that authentic Rob D. look but it will make you more hydrodynamic and save you money on swim caps!

Step 2: Glue the Hair to Your Face

To help you with this step I have provided you with an educational video from the 90′s with instruction provided by Beavis & Butthead

Step 3: Put on Pink Goggles and a Zebra Striped Banana Hammock

An obnoxious suit is key… you can buy men’s and women’s RobAquatics suits over at Splish!

Those 3 steps will get you most of the way there. For extra credit you could always take a sharpie and make your own chest tattoo, or to really sell it add 50-100 pounds depending on how skinny you are right now. Good luck and enjoy being this handsome for a whole day :p

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2 Responses to “Need a Halloween Costume Idea? How About Your Favorite Swim Blogger!”

  1. JoshN says:

    What no comments?
    I’d do it but I need to know what the chest tatoo says!

    (I am also afraid of turning my head into a bloody scab)

  2. Rob D says:

    that’s what I’m saying… I guess instead of leaving comments everyone got started on their beards instead :p

    the chest tattoo says “coimhĂ©ad fearg fhear na foighde” it translates out into “beware the anger of a patient man,” it’s not as mean as it sounds… well at least my intentions aren’t as mean as it sounds