The days are getting short and I’m not sure my Wednesday night ocean swims are going to live on much longer. It was already most of the way dark at 6:45 when I was driving home tonight… not good. At least I got in today as my last salty dip before my 12 miler on Saturday.

It was all fog on the freeway up until the Avila Beach off ramp. The road to the beach was bright and clear but it was half and half over the ocean. The south end was pretty thick with fog and it looked like it was squeezing in from the north as well just not as fast. We started with a crew of 3 and picked up a bonus swimmer at the last minute before we got in. Niel measured the water at 59 which is pretty warm for around here but the lack of sunshine and the breeze made it all feel way colder. I had a little bit of a chill on the beach and that water didn’t feel any warmer! Oh well, I like it a little cold anyways right :)

Today’s course was pretty short which I was all about since this was a pseudo-taper kind of outing for me. We went straight down the pier, out towards the end of the south end of the buoy line and then back to the pier and in. Not even a mile. On the way down the pier I was really jumpy. I think I still had thoughts of jellyfish in my head from Sunday’s swim in Monterey and I was ready for every piece of kelp to sting me! There were a handful of dudes fishing towards the end of the pier so I tried to swing a little wide to avoid their lines.

We regrouped at the end and then made a line for the far end of the buoy line. I let Niel and Ryan lead and swam behind and in between them. They were pretty much shoulder to shoulder and I had this nice big pocket of draft-y water to swim in. A luxury I’m sure I won’t have this weekend for my race. I’m guessing after an hour it’s pretty much just going to be me and my kayaker out there.

Once we stopped it became apparent that we were short on sunlight. Things were on their way down pretty fast so we booked it towards the pier and then turned in towards shore. I caught a beautiful wave on the way in but didn’t get it quite right. I was riding the crest of that thing and it tossed me. I got a great ride and then washing machine time. I got tumbled against the bottom and the water yanked my cap off from under my goggles! Luckily I caught it before it took off. I was all smiles after that, I love it whenever I can body surf a wave… even if I get tossed.

Tomorrow it’s back to the pool for a really mellow stretched out workout and then it’s time to turn all my attention to my 12.6 miler! Not that it doesn’t already have most of my attention… but it will soon have ALL of it as opposed to 97% of it :)

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