I swam the whole workout today, yay! It wasn’t super long, but I did everything which is a first since coming back from my 12 mile swim in the middle of the month. It was nice and sunny today but the wind was really kicking. If there weren’t lane lines in I think we could have generated a little chop in the water! At one point I got smacked in the face by a flying kickboard… right after laughing at someone else who suffered the same fate. How’s that for instant karma?

We started out with just 4 of swimmers but finished with around 9 which is a pretty healthy group for us. We did an IM sort of workout which I liked since I’ve been feeling pretty good while butterflying and breaststroking, but my back and free are hurting a bit. My left shoulder just isn’t all there yet. Hopefully it gets with the program shortly.

200 swim
200 kick
200 swim

Repeat x 3

1 x 100IM @ 1:45
2 x 75 free @ 1:15 build/easy/build by 25
3 x 50 @ 1:00 non-free
4 x 25 fast @ :40

50 easy with medicine ball

2150 yards total

At the end of our workout I tried this weird belted net with a medicine ball in it thingie that Mike had. I was a little too circumferentially gifted to wear it the right way. It made it up to mid thigh before it got stuck. A little weird but a good toy for some added resistance in the pool. Maybe when I feel better I can try it again while pushing a little harder.

I wrapped up my day with a trip to the gym after work for some elliptical machine action. I really don’t like to do it but it gets me sweating so there must be something good about it. Plus this is kind of the time for me to mix in some other things since I don’t have any big races coming up. No worries of being overly sore or hurting myself. Next up is to tune up the bike and rediscover my quadriceps…

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