Today’s swim wasn’t really a workout… it was just me staying acquainted with the water. I needed to keep the feel for it and focus on how I’m swimming right now. We had a decent group of us today. I cruised through the warm up and then separated off into my own thing while they took on 20×50 something or other.

After a half an hour of half speed swimming I split. Everyone waved and wished me good luck while wondering why anyone would voluntarily pay a whole lot of money to swim 12+ miles. Afterwards I actually sat down and ate lunch which is a rare luxury on days I swim. Normally I have to inhale it at my desk when I get back to the office.

Now I’m just busy planning, packing, and researching where to park and stuff like that. Tomorrow I’ll be in the office all day and then straight into the truck to drive to LA.

heh... I'm sighting in the pool...

2 Responses to “Coasting…”

  1. chris c. says:

    Good luck with the swim Rob! Conditions are looking good for it. Mike V. is out there tackling the Catalina Channel again.. Use some of that Swim22 energy this weekend!

  2. Rob D says:

    Thanks Chris… I will try to channel the channel while I’m out there! :)

    I saw Mike was back out there via Jen’s twitter account… it sounds like the ocean is being much friendlier this time. It looks like he’s got it this time!