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Hanging out in the warm up pool

Well that felt weird. After months and months of focusing all my attention on the open water world I hopped in the Short Course Meter competition pool for some fun and diversion up in Walnut Creek today. Although I made an earnest attempt to channel my inner sprinter I don’t think I found him! None of my races felt that great, but I had a good time and saw some friends I haven’t seen in quite a while so that makes it worth it. Plus it’s good to find out now how much work I’m going to need to do to transition back to shorter races once I run out of ocean races!

I got out to the pool a little before 8 this morning and got in for warm ups. The SCM pool was open still but I’d rather have some space to move so I swam in the SCY pool to get ready. I did walk over and do one start just to make sure I wasn’t going to have any problems with that. I had lots of leg cramping going on during that Catalina adventure so I thought that might resurface while diving or turning. Luckily I seem to have worked that out of my system, phew!

went full on age group style today with my heats... you're never too old apparently

I started my day with the 50 breaststroke. I swam this race here last year and it was semi disastrous. It was just after my first ever 200m fly and I totally botched the first stroke after the pull down. Well this year I had the foresight to not swim the 200m fly, but I made the exact same mistake on the pull down! Too deep again! And on the way back I over corrected and my feet shot way up out of the water on the first pull. I got video of it this time thanks to my friend Coach Chris from Mountain View. I don’t look too deep at first, but watch how long it takes my head to break the surface (I’m in lane 1 nearest the camera)… ugly… but it was actually a best time in SCM if you can believe it! Even with no tech suit and a major almost DQable mistake… in all fairness though my previous SCM times in this event weren’t that great anyways, but I’ll still take the best time :)

After the 50 breast I had a good sized break before my next 2 events that were set one right after the other. I was kind of hungry so I got a hot dog from the concession stand which I would generally never do, I can’t eat at swim meets, but I didn’t really care today. It was about fun not fast so a hot dog was ok. I did one other thing I’ve never done at a meet today as well… I took a nap! I totally fell asleep slumped over in my beach chair! I hope I wasn’t snoring… I still can’t believe that I fell asleep, but apparently I needed it. I woke up half way through the women’s 100m free which was good because it gave me time to warm up before my 100m free. Over by the warm up pool I ran into my buddy Walt who was also in the 100m free and 50m fly like me.

I had a pretty fantastic view of the lane line thingie from my chair, jealous?

I was seeded at a 1:04 for my 100m free but I really didn’t think that was going to  happen. Don who swims with us in Avila occasionally was there and asked what I was going to swim, I guessed a 1:26 plus or minus 20 seconds :) That turned out pretty close. I stepped up to the blocks next to the only other guy I’ve seen at a meet who overachieves as much as I do in the beard department. His is a little sleeker though… he’s got a hydrodynamic braid thing going on… seeing as he beat me pretty handily I may have to investigate that. Off the dive it became apparent my SDK has degraded a lot, crap. On the surface my sprinting wasn’t very sprinterly. I wasn’t moving super slow but I didn’t feel like I managed to find that sprint gear. Turning at the 50 I felt really tired. Like way too tired for the circumstances. On the last 25 I tried to open it up but I’m not sure it really happened. I did however move over to the lane line for reasons I haven’t figured out yet. I think I was trying to draft out of habit or something… not that drafting through a lane line is a particularly effective practice. I ended up swimming a 1:05.84. Not my best work but not completely awful. I may need to shift my focus to longer pool events this winter though.

random freestyle action!

I finished up the meet with the 50m fly. Generally I love this event. It’s short and I’m generally pretty good at it. I was seeded at 29 and swam a 31.3, yuck. That’s slower than my slowest LCM time in the 50m fly! Oh well. Just more motivation to work hard later.

Once I was wrapped up with all my actual swimming I hit the massage tent and that was basically the best idea I had all day. They were charging a buck a minute and I thought that was worth it. The chick over there mashed me pretty good and got really deep in my muscles. A lot of it hurt while it was going on, but I came out feeling good. I need to do that more often. A little later I caught up with my friend Sarah B. and we grabbed dinner and hung out for a while. She wasn’t swimming today because she’s more focused on USA-S meets at the moment, but neither of us has forgotten our breaststroke deathmatch. I’m not sure where or when but I’m sure all 3 distances will be recontested.

Tomorrow I’m going to drive down to Monterey for some open water action on the way home. I’m pretty stoked for this. I used to live there but never really spent any time in the ocean because I didn’t know anyone else who did it.

2 Responses to “2010 PacMasters SCM Champs Day 2 Wrap Up”

  1. Chris C. says:

    Hi Rob,
    You’re an animal.. My body still does not want to go in the water after the Catalina adventure, let alone try and swim fast… I’m finally going to get in an try and loosen up a little this afternoon.
    It was great hanging out with you and getting to swim with you for a while in the channel. Hope to see you at Santa Clarita in a few weeks.. Chris

  2. Rob D says:

    Chris -

    Thanks dude! Not sure I actually swam fast though. I figured I just had to keep my momentum through my big swim next week and then I can stop moving for a while.

    Thanks again for getting me involved in the Catalina swim. I think you did an awesome job out there on Chris’ swim!