A few days later I’m still pretty stoked on my swim from the weekend and a little sore. Nothing like that first night, but my body still hasn’t fully forgiven me for our little 12.6 mile swim up the coast! If you want to read some more about the Distance Swim Challenge, Steve Munatones has been posting some good stuff over on the Daily News of Open Water Swimming (Check out these three articles). He also sent me a rad picture from the start of the race. Can you spot me? It’s pretty hard :)

if you still haven't found me here's a hint... I'm the non rubberized swimmer

This afternoon was my first trip back to a body of water larger than a bath tub since the Distance Swim Challenge. I had 2 major goals for today… 1. stretch out my shoulders 2. learn how to blow bubble rings :) I needed a good diversion that was in water but didn’t necessarily involve upper body exertion and I watched a GoSwim video on it last night so I figured why not? I spend a lot of time in water, why don’t I know how to do that yet?

this is just the view straight up from the bottom of the pool but it looks like a super suave painting to me

I ran into Duke in the parking lot and he asked me a bunch of questions about the swim and made sure the kids at the pool check in desk knew that I swam 12 miles over the weekend. On the deck I rehashed parts of the swim with the other guys. The major question was how long did it take… 8 hours… still wrapping my head around that number… that is a long time to do anything.

this is how I spent most of the workout

Anyways, after messing around on deck for a while I dove in and did parts of the warm up. They had like 900 yards for it, I probably did 700 of it. From there I just messed around for a while and was out of the pool by 12:35. I did successfully blow some bubble rings which I’m excited about.

taking pictures while blowing bubble rings is borderline impossible... just thought you should know

If you want some insights from the experts on the whole bubble ring thing check this out from GoSwim!

All Strokes – Blowing Bubble Rings from Glenn Mills on Vimeo.

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