Duck Feet!

At the moment it seems like everyone in my Santa Maria workout group has a race they’re tapering for, but no one seems to be getting ready for the same race. There’s various triathlons going on this coming weekend locally in Arroyo Grande and further away down in LA. Since the tapering triathletes made up the majority of the people in the water a short taper-tastic workout won out.

I did quite a bit of the workout with fins on today to try out a new pair in preparation for my support swim in the Catalina Channel next week. I figured I’d give them a shot since they have a good sized blade and are really stiff which gives you a lot of propulsion. If they turned out to be a total bust for swimming they’re really good for boogie boarding. They were definitely fast in the water, my 100′s were about 11-15 seconds faster with them than without, but they’re also heavy and a little rough on the feet. One of my swim buddies is an ocean lifeguard and he uses them. He says they’ll give you a free trip to blister city if you’re not careful. I used a little bodyglide on my feet to cut down on chaffing, but I think I’m going to have to find some neoprene booties to really protect my feet from becoming chewed up bloody messes.

200 swim
200 kick – fins
200 pull – fins

2 x 50 free – fins
6 x 100 free – 3 with fins 3 without

200 fly

50 easy

1450 yards total

You may notice that workout had a 200 fly in it… that may have been a modification that I made for myself :) It was supposed to be a 200 reverse IM but I figured since the workout was going to be so short I might as well throw something hard in it. I don’t think I’ve ever actually done a full 200 fly in a workout, normally I need the pressure of a swim meet to make me do one. I glad I decided to do that because now I know I can throw down a full 200 when my Summer of Fly series makes a comeback. Me and Mike got all the way up to 125 yards of fly and then our schedules made keeping it all up impossible. So now I guess it’s the half a year of fly… I’ll have to negotiate the rest of our races with him shortly.

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