I’m super stoked that I was recruited to come out and be a support swimmer on the Swim22 Catalina Relay event. I got an email about it just before the 1 Mile swim in Corona Del Mar in August asking if I’d be interested in getting involved, and it took until just this week for me to negotiate the days off to get out there. I’m going to work like 8 days in a row and then escape south to Long Beach to hop on a boat! I’ve really been wanting to get out in the Catalina Channel as a support swimmer just to check it out and experience swimming in water that open… but to land on such a gnarly attempt on the first time out is beyond awesome for me. I’m very appreciative that they invited some weird adventure bearded stranger from the internet to join their team!

If you’re not familiar with what they’re planning, basically each participant CROSSES THE WHOLE CHANNEL and then sends off the next swimmer. At a minimum they’re covering 88 miles. This is a totally epic and unprecedented attempt and really just an amazing adventure. I’m part of Team 4 and will be swimming with the relay anchor, Chris Dahowski. I’ll also be on the boat while Jen Schumacher swims the 3rd leg.

If you want to learn more about the event check out Swim22.net or read some of the coverage from Steven Munatones over at the Daily News of Open Water Swimming.

2 Responses to “Tagging Along with the Swim22 4 Way Catalina Relay!!!”

  1. Miguel says:

    I’m one of the support Kayakers and these guys are on a mission!!! I’m proud to be part of challenge!!!

  2. Rob D says:

    Miguel – I’m stoked to have found my way into the mix! I look forward to meeting you tomorrow!