This afternoon was my first real swim since my 10 mile excursion down in La Jolla. I was a little worried with how it was all going to go down since I woke up really sore today. Like worse than Monday! Part of me was contemplating turning that long lunch break into a nap instead but it’s been so hot here the last couple days I couldn’t pass up a chance to go float in a pool. I figured worst case scenario I’d heavily modify the workout to involve floating on my back and evening out the tan on my front side :)

Much to my surprise I felt pretty good in the water! The shoulders are still tight, but we’re not grinding at the moment so life is good. I did add fins to a lot of the workout today but that wasn’t without purpose. Next week I’m going along on a Catalina swim to support someone who is planning to swim way faster than I can really manage unaided. He’s recommending we bring fins so I’m trying to get a little more used to swimming with them in advance of the crossing. Normally I wouldn’t want anything to do with fins in the ocean unless I’m on a boogie board, but it’s not my party… I’m out there for him so I’m on board with anything I can do to make his life easier.

200 swim
200 kick
200 swim w/ fins

Repeat x 2
150 kick w/ fins @3:00
100 kick w/ fins @2:00
50 kick w/ fins @1:00

Repeat x 4
100 IM @1:45
50 free @:45

200 swim w/ fins
2 x 100 swim w/ fins
4 x 50 swim w/ fins

2400 yards total

Seeing as temperatures have been creeping upwards of 100+ degrees again today I had no desire to leave the water, but I had plenty of work waiting for me at the office so it had to be done.

After work I ventured out to get myself a bonus pair of fins that are more speed focused than teaching you to swim better focused. I asked around on Twitter and ended up getting some Duck Feet. They’re pretty long and stiff so I’m thinking I’ll get some pretty healthy propulsion out of them. Worst case scenario I’ve got some better fins for boogie boarding now! Tomorrow I’m going to get out to Avila for a swim and I’m thinking I should probably do the swim in my new fins to try and get used to them in moving water.

3 Responses to “Still Sore but Surprisingly Functional”

  1. patty says:

    I found you via USMS and recently added you to my feed. I am thoroughly enjoying your blog! Thanks for the inspiration… I honestly can’t fathom a 10 mile OWS at this point.

  2. EricT says:

    That bubble mustache is one of my favorite pics on your site! haha!

  3. Rob D says:

    Patty – thanks, I’m glad you like the site! It wasn’t too long ago that I couldn’t fathom a 10 mile swim either… actually I’m still surprised that I actually did that!

    Eric – thanks dude, everybody loves a bubble mustache right? :)