After today’s swim I ran home and had lunch before turning right back around to go to the beach again… but this time the sun was out! It was a gorgeous day and I wanted to go back out on the water. I drove down to the port and made my way to SLO Coast Kayaks. My initial plan was to rent a stand up paddle board and cruise around Port San Luis but the rental place was all hired out at the moment. I opted instead to hop in a kayak. I like doing both so it was no big deal, but I think I might go back tomorrow and try to get my hands on a SUP again.

Down at the shop they got me all outfitted right quick and tossed me in a sit on top kayak. From there I went exploring the Port area of Avila Beach. We never swim down this way, probably because of all the boats parked out here and all the fishing that goes on. I paddled through all kinds of little sailboats and kelp. Everywhere you looked there were pelicans out fishing. Today they were all being followed by other smaller birds hoping to get in on whatever action the pelicans were finding for themselves. There were also a lot of seals out there. I could see pods of them a little bit of everywhere. Oddly they seem far less interested in me on top of the water as opposed to in it. They still would go out of their way to see what I was all about, but they weren’t quite as aggressive in their curiosity as they are when it involves a swimmer.

I paddled out towards where I usually swim to get a view of my usual swim area from a new vantage point. On the way to the Avila Pier I floated along a massive raft of seabirds. As I was passing them a big chunk of their flotilla decided to move a little further out to sea. In order to do this however they flew right at and in front of me! Like hundreds of birds aimed right for my head! Totally crazy! I held up my paddle in front of my head in a just in case deflectionary kind of maneuver but luckily these birds were all paying attention and I didn’t end up with a beak in my forehead or anything. I got a little bit of video from the inside but not as much as I wanted because the battery in my camera was dying.

From there I went on out to the far buoy down towards the point and then just sort of cruised back to where I started. I followed some seals around (but not too close) just to see how they move and interact with each other. I see them in the water all the time but it’s way different to view these things from above as opposed to at their level in the water.

All told I probably paddled 3 1/2 or 4 miles and really enjoyed my time on the water. There were a lot of instances where I just stopped paddling and let myself drift and listen to the ocean. I was out all by myself and could just do things on my own time and not worry about anything. I need to do this more often… and for $15 an hour I don’t see why I don’t! After tomorrow’s swim I’m thinking about going back down to SLO Coast Kayaks and getting myself more time out on the water… it makes me happy. You really can’t duplicate that kind of good time on dry land!

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