I think I went tanning today with just a little bit of swimming thrown in. It was a gorgeous day in Santa Maria at the pool and no one was particularly motivated to actually swim swim. We had some guys tapering down for a triathlon and that low keyness kind of spread to the whole group. We basically did a drawn out warm up and then talked about what everyone has coming up… I think I won for most ambitious schedule for the next couple weeks! 1.7 miles on Saturday, 10 miles on Sunday, a mystery swim to be announced shortly the week after, and my 12.6 mile swim in the middle of October. I decided this is part of my unplanned taper for this weekend’s 10 mile swim.

In other news… I got a note yesterday from Craig Baskin, artist and open water swimmer, about a painting he did in support of the organization putting on theĀ Swim for Equality event I’m doing this weekend. Craig does lots of great paintings for non-profit events and donates 100% of the proceeds to the event he’s supporting. You can learn more about Craig’s work on his web site CraigBaskin.com or you can read the feature USMS did on him a few months back about how he draws painting inspiration from the open water. The painting he did for the Swim for Equality is below, if you want to put in a bid on the painting you can contact Craig direct through his website.

Craig (far left) and his painting "H2O Equality"

As a bonus, since I have no pictures or anything good from today’s pool swim (forgot my camera at the house) I present you an “Epic Corgi Swimming in Slow Motion” as a distraction :) Stick with it for a while… it gets funnier/more ridiculous over time

Keep an eye out tomorrow for a big announcement in regards to my latest Aquatic Adventure to land on the schedule!

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