I don’t know how this event managed to elude my attention until right now, but I found out about the Swim for Equality Monday afternoon from my friend Joel’s blog - the17thman. Since I have to go all the way down to San Diego this weekend for my 10 mile swim in the La Jolla Cove anyways I figured this would be a perfect break on my big drive down the coast, plus it’s a cause I’m on board with. This event is drawing in swimmers from all over the country… I’ve seen entries from California, New York, Florida, Illinois, Ohio and Idaho. I think it’s very cool I managed to sneak into this field that’s limited to about 50 swimmers and includes people you may have heard of (and I’ve recently accidentally run into) like Greg Louganis.

This swim is largely a fundraiser and on that front I am incredibly late to the party. The event flyer talks about “the months leading up to the event,” and well I’ve got about 3 days… yikes. If this is a cause that’s on your radar I’d be highly appreciative of a donation! You can learn more about the event here. You can learn more about what Equality California is all about at EQCA.org

You can check out my fundraising page at www.eqca.org/equalityswim/robaquatics

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