get in mah belly!

I normally swim on Tuesdays at the pool in Santa Maria, but today it was announced on Facebook that we’d be celebrating Mike’s birthday a little early with some cupcakes which absolutely confirmed my attendance! Last time there were baked goods on deck I missed out completely so this time around I was taking no chances!

I was the first one of my group at the pool and started with about 200 yards before anyone else got there. Once some of the other kids did show up instead of actually swimming we all ended up talking about each other’s races. Dani recapped her half ironman from the weekend and I gave them the full rundown on Big Shoulders. It became obvious pretty quickly everyone was in slacker mode today and honestly I was ok with it because my right shoulder is a little angry with me and could only handle so much excitement anyways.

shadow breaststroker

By the time Mike, who wrote the workout, got to the pool at 12:30 we’d yet to finish the warm up :) We basically decided to do one of the larger sets from his workout and just call it a day. I mean there were more important things to attend to… like cupcakes.

200 swim
mess around…
200 swim
4 x 50 scull/swim

2 x 50 drill
100 @ 1:30
2 x 50 drill
200 @ 3:00
2 x 50 drill
300 @ 4:30

cool down – eat cupcakes

1500 yards and 1500 calories… whoops

messing around while sculling

It was nice to hang out on the deck in the sun and demolish some chocolatey delicious cupcakes made by our own Danilu. I think we need to recruit more people to our workout group in order to increase the birthday density and hence the cupcake density of our workouts :)

Tomorrow I’ll be up at like 4am to start my trek to Dallas for the US Aquatic Sports Convention. If you see me running around make sure to say hi!

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