all the little black dots in the water are a pod of seals

We were back down to about 57 degrees in the water today and it felt even colder since there was no sunshine on top of it! We were 7 swimmers deep today which was pretty good for our group, and we set of to swim about a mile.

Duke waiting for everyone else to catch up

There were pods of seals messing around on the left side of the pier so we opted to swim the buoy line on the right side first. Not that there weren’t seals over there too… we just couldn’t see them from the beach so it at least seemed like a better deal :) On the way into the water I took my sweet ass time and Sylvia (the other non-wetsuiter) was on the same plan. I kept waiting for a wave to come and force me to get all the way wet but the water was so flat this morning it just wasn’t going to happen. Eventually I tossed myself headlong into the water and did a little sprint to catch up to the group that was out in line with the buoys waiting for everyone to regroup before they swam under the pier.

hanging out at the buoy down by the creek

On the way down to the far buoy by the creek I wasn’t feeling too fast. I was steady, but noticeably slower than usual. I’m thinking it’s because my workout week was all messed up between work, life and Wednesday night’s monster bait ball that cut our swim short. I still ended up one of the first 3 or 4 guys down at the buoy, and as has been the case recently all kinds of bonus heads started to pop up around us. That corner has been really popular with the seals. We probably had at least 6 or 7 cruising around and surfacing here and there around us. Once everyone got to the buoy I was pretty ready to split and leave our pinniped friends to go back about their business.

one of our seal friends trying to figure us out

On this longer stretch of our swim I got into a little better rhythm and was nice and distracted by all the boats parked in near the pier. Out at the end of the pier we could see various pods of seals roaming about and there were people up on the pier taking pictures of us and the wildlife. Sylvia was our last person into the the group and she had 3 seals chaperoning her in to us. They always seem to pick who ever is at the back of the pack and follow them around. I have no idea why though… not sure if it’s curiosity or if they have some other strategic plan for following swimmers.

Sylvia with her seal escorts

me staring back at the beach where it was a little warmer than 57... look how pink I am!

The next leg from here was down to the last buoy on the other side and then back to the pier and in. I tried to turn up the speed quite a bit on the way to the beach just to get that fast feel I had been missing all day. I managed to really pick it up but I had a hard time maintaining it. The good news is I get another shot at it tomorrow and I’m hoping my muscles are a little more on board with the whole swimming like I should be swimming plan!

random sailboat race today!

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  1. Jen says:

    Is that Sylvia as in Santa Maria Sylvia!?