Sunday involved a 10 mile swim and a 300 mile drive (through LA and Orange County so go ahead and count some of those miles twice), needless to say Monday morning didn’t feel so good. I felt like I had been run over by a truck so my original plan for today was go to work then go to bed. Early in the morning I got a text from my friend Dani wanting me to go boogie boarding with her. Although I was all about my original plan this sounded like an excellent idea… no real usage of my upper body and some cold water to soak my sore muscles. Plus it broke 100 degrees here and some time in 58 degree water sounded fantastic. I was in.

After work I jammed down to the beach and met up with Dani. We met up at the end of Grand Avenue in Grover Beach. Grover Beach is connected to Pismo Beach, but the beach is a little less crowded. I dropped a bag with my towel and keys on the beach and we took off for the water. I’d say it was 58-59 out there today. Frosty for sure but it felt really good after you got over the shock of it.

We had to float around and kick out for a while until we got somewhere that you could actually catch a wave. They were a little messy but occasionally you’d get something good mixed in. I managed to get in 3 or 4 really solid rides while we were in the water. I still need to learn how to do tricks and stuff. I can turn a little bit but most of the waves here aren’t big enough to do much of anything with.

After our little oceanic excursion I ran down to Santa Maria to hang out with my swim buddy Mike and talk about some ideas for some local swim action. It’s still in the just an idea phase but I think in a couple months I might have something exciting to report from it :)

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