Today was one of those days where everyone was stoked to be in the pool for lunch but no one was particularly motivated to break out a hard workout. I brought a pretty decent one with me but it became very apparent early on that I would be saving it for another day.

I was the first guy in the pool and Duke got there a few minutes later. I stopped at the wall to say hi and we ended up talking for a little longer than we probably should have. Eventually we were joined by one more and started swimming again. The plan was to start with a 900 swim so Duke could get a baseline number for a mini-triathlon he’s doing this weekend. I faded in and out of this and mixed in some kicking in the middle. I probably swam closer to 800 yards.

After that we ended up chatting a little more. I’m getting closer to figuring out when and how I want to do my Pismo to Avila swim and we got into that for a little while. Eventually we knocked out a set of 75′s. Afterwards I swam 100 fly and an easy 50 then went off on my way back to work.

800 broken up swim

10 x 75 @ 1:15 alt moderate/fast

100 fly
50 free easy

1700 yards total

1700 yards isn’t really much of a workout, but sometimes you need a slacker day like that. I’m hoping to find a little more substantial of a swim tomorrow, I’m just not sure where it’s going to come from just yet!

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