Check out the creepy seal stalker in the background!

We had a beautiful night for a swim… unfortunately everyone else who lives in the ocean thought so too. There were way more birds fishing than I’d like to see and a healthy scattering of seals out there too, but they weren’t clustered around a bait ball or anything… they were mainly just wandering around at random. Although I was a little unnerved by it all Niel seemed pretty undaunted by it so I followed him. He has way more quality time put into this chunk of ocean so I trust his judgement on these things.

I let them get in first to scare off the animals :)

The plan was to do the normal triangle in the clockwise direction. The end of the buoy line on the left side of the pier is still missing so we swam to about where it should be before making a turn to the top of the pier. While we were waiting at that corner regrouping all kinds of weird stuff was going on. Lots of birds were flying pretty low overhead and quite a few seals were starting to check us out. One was drafting off of our last swimmer to make it to the meet up. Once we were about to get going a fishing boat came on in almost to the buoy line before it turned around and went away. That was totally weird because there’s almost never any boats at all on that side of the pier. We waited for the boat to get a decent distance away before we continued on with out swim.

little bit of texture in the water tonight, not much

The water had a tiny little bit of chop to it tonight and was measured out at about 61. It felt a little colder than that, but it was pretty comfortable for me pretty quickly. My left shoulder is a little angry though. I need to ice it down a bit so it starts to like me again.

drifting away next to the pier

While hanging out at the end of the pier we could really feel the current that was going on today. Normally currents are pretty non-existent at Avila but we were drifting noticeably, luckily it was in the direction that we were going! On the way to the end of the right side of the buoy line we picked up more seal stalkers. I noticed we had 2 flavors of seal. One was the usual jet black seal, the others were smaller and grey with white and black spots on them.

at the pier right before turning back to shore

When we finished up our swim we decided to not swim under the pier to where we started since there were people fishing right there. All told we got in around a mile and it felt ok. My shoulder concerns me a bit but I seem to go through a non-serious shoulder issue on a quarterly basis so I guess I was due.

and our seal friends say goodbye for now

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