After a couple months of screaming children, inflatable octopus slides, and crowded lanes the pool down in Santa Maria has reverted to it’s non-summer state of quiet spaciousness. Parking is easier, the locker rooms are less disheveled, and I’m pretty sure the urine content of the pool has dropped by at least 35%. To top off that little bit of good news, it was an absolutely perfect day. Nice and warm with the sun shining… no complaints from me today!

We had 4 of us swimming and most of us were in post race recovery mode. 2 of us had made the trip down to Long Beach for the Naples Island Swim and were still feeling that a little bit and 1 chick did a 50k(!) run over the weekend and was super beat up feeling. We ended up putting together a pretty mellow workout so everyone could get some yardage in a stretch out and feel better kind of way.

250 mixed
5 minutes of weekend race recapping

10 x 50 free @ 1:00

Repeat x 5
25 @ :30
50 @ 1:00
75 @ 1:30
100 @ 2:00

2000 yards total

The intervals were nice and big on purpose so the whole group could stay together and you could make it as hard as you wanted by dialing up the effort on the swims. I aimed for like 70% today. I’m surprisingly sore from this weekend’s swim even though it wasn’t that long. I guess I pushed it pretty good on Sunday.

I set a whole bunch of other swimmerly things in motion today as well. I planned out a big swim weekend in SoCal. Ocean swim with some friends on Saturday morning, a trip to watch the finals of Pan Pacs on Saturday, and a race in the ocean on Sunday up in Port Hueneme. I’m looking forward to all that aquatic excitement!

2 Responses to “School is Back in Session and There is Now Less Pee in the Pool”

  1. Are you going to stay for the 10K race on Sunday, August 22nd? Not only will you be able to see some great racing offshore, but also mingle with many of the world’s best pool swimmers on land since Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte and company will be onshore cheering on their open water teammates.

  2. Rob D says:

    I want to but I have to go do a swim of my own… I’ve got a 2.4 mile race at the same time up in Ventura County… gotta swim as much as I can in the ocean to get ready for this Distance Swim Challenge. A lot of my friends and people I’ve talked to today are going out though so I can live it vicariously through them!