it's only 12.6 miles... who else is in :)

In about 2 months I’ll be taking a crack at the longest and gnarliest swim I’ve ever attempted, the Distance Swim Challenge. I’m going to try and knock out 12.6 miles of swimming from Manhattan Beach all the way up to Santa Monica. The idea of this swim is somewhere between crazy and super awesome epic adventure. The second part of that is what drew me to it.

I heard about it a while ago from a Facebook friend and I’ve been bouncing the idea around in my head ever since. I asked another friend about it and instead of making fun of me she decided we both need to do this. So after peer pressuring each other into it a little bit we both finally registered today! What put it over the top is I met one of the guys running the event this weekend and he hooked me up with a 20% discount code for me, my friends, teammates and readers.

So what you need to do is enter the code ROBAQUATICS when you register and they’ll take 20% off of whatever race you decide to do. If you’re not feeling up to a 12.6 mile trip up the coast don’t worry! There’s shorter distances and relays available. You can swim 1.2, 2.4, 4.8 miles, or 12.6 miles as an individual or split up 4.8 or 12.6 miles into a relay. Check out for more details on the race.

I’m pretty stoked about this challenge. Earlier in the summer when I said it felt like I was training for something and I just didn’t know what it was yet… well I think this is it! That being said… I have a lot of work to do between here and October 16th!

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  3. Gords says:

    20% discount is huge considering it $445 for the 12.6 mile race. Good luck in your training and in your race Rob. Wish I could register, but I have a Scout camp that weekend.

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