This Sunday is the 2010 Naples Island Swim and I would absolutely love it for those of you that can make it out and swim to do so! If you’ve never done an open water swim before this is a great swim to get your feet wet. It’s really the only SoCal swim that’s lake-like making it really beginner accessible. The water is still salty, but it’s totally protected from the real ocean and you’ll be treated to nice calm water. There’s a 1 mile and 3 mile swim available along with a few other shorter options that are mainly in place for the kids.

The Naples Island Swim was my first Masters Swimming event and my first ever open water race. This event is what got me hooked on both and it’s become a personal favorite. This is the second year in a row that RobAquatics is an official sponsor even!

Also as what I’m going to go ahead and call a world’s first… I’ll have my buddies from out there livestreaming the event! Have you ever heard of a livestreamed open water swimming event? Me neither. We’re making history people. Me and Chris are still coming up with a plan as to how this will all work, but by Sunday expect to see open water action live on the internet from Long Beach!

If you need more info on the race check out or the event registration page on

run, don't walk, to the Naples Island Swim!

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