hey look... swimming's prohibited today... weak

So the idea of Lake Lopez as an open water swim spot turned out to be a total bust. I rode out with my friend Dani and we met Jason at the lake only to find out contact with the water was, um, prohibited. That’s a pretty bad feature for a lake. You could still take boats out and stuff but actually floating yourself in the water was a no go. The signs talked about algae blooms, and as we found out first hand by walking down to the water, duck poo was in full effect as well. That lake stunk bad when you got close enough.

Pretty at a distance...

...not so good up close

By the time we gave up on Lopez it was a little to late to sneak in an ocean swim. The drive back to Pismo or Avila would have put us there just in time for dusk which isn’t exactly the best time to be in the ocean. Instead me and Dani grabbed something to drink at Starbucks and went to the beach down in Grover. Just to get our feet wet though… no one got in past their knees. Oh well. Hopefully I can line up some kind of oceanic excursion tomorrow to make up for today’s missed swim.

Jason and Dani all wetsuited up with no where to go in front of lovely duck poo lake

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