Tuesday/Thursdays are my lunchtime pool days down in Santa Maria. They range anywhere from really hard to super slacker-tastic. Since last Thursday’s workout fell in the latter category I came to the pool today armed with a set that would make it worth the drive down! This was another borrowed beat down from a friend much faster than me and my friends so I had to water down the intervals, but the core of the workout remained.

500 warm up choice

Repeat x 3 with about a minute rest between rounds
4 x 50 IM Order
2 x 100 free
200 IM

2300 yards total

We actually had a pretty decent crowd in the pool today, about 6 by my count, and we got everyone huffing and puffing with all kinds of IM excitement. It seems all I’ve been doing recently is freestyle so it was nice to swim a little bit of everything. Since the spread in speed was pretty wide we set the intervals to be :05ish rest from when the last person hit the wall on the 50′s and about 1:45 on the 100′s. If you were on the faster end it was on you to push it, if you were on the slow end you just had to hang on and make but know you’d always get at least 5 seconds rest. Even though not everyone was looking for an IM adventure today I think everybody liked the workout.

At the end of practice a few of us arranged a little open water swim for this Thursday out at Lake Lopez. I’ve been out to Lake Lopez before but never actually gotten in the water. This should be interesting and I’m stoked to scope out a new open water spot not too far from home.

In other news… my buddy Dave VM who swam the Santa Barbara Channel this weekend from Anacapa to Oxnard posted a slideshow of his pictures of the swim today! Check it out!

You can learn more about swimming the Santa Barbara Channel at the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association.

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