Tonight was a really good night to be out in Avila Beach. The weather was beautiful, the water was warm (60 degrees, woot!), and we had a gang of dolphins patrolling the buoy line. While I was getting ready to go swim I saw a big splash out in the ocean… these always get my attention! When I looked closer I saw 2 dolphins jumping back and forth across each other, very cool to see! From there the cruised down the the south end of the buoy line and then turned it around and swam back to the pier… I think they’ve been watching out workouts :)

Although I think dolphins are fun and magical and whatnot I figured we should swim in the opposite direction of where they were hanging out. If they’re hanging out and eating who knows who else is snacking away with them! Maybe I’ve just been watching too much shark week…

Anyways… we made a straight shot down the pier and then turned towards the far corner of the right side of the buoy line. The water felt fantastic and was fairly smooth. At the buoy we came up with the next part of the plan, basically retrace our steps over the top of the pier and back in towards shore. At the top of the pier on the way back we all kind of paused and just hung out for a while, it was just so ridiculously nice I don’t think anyone wanted to go back in

After our swim I went and grabbed dinner with my swim buddy Niel. It’s been a while since we both could stick around after the swim so it was nice to catch up. Tomorrow I’m off to swim in an actual pool and then at some point this weekend I’m going to go play in a kayak! I figured I should tour the waters of Avila from a new perspective.

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