Even though I was late getting to the pool for lunch today I still wanted to get in a full 3000 yards. We’ve been having issues with that recently just in time available, speeds of swimmers in the pool, and our tendency to screw around and talk a little too much :) So I came to the pool with a plan and got right to it. I front loaded it with some bigger chunks of freestyle to make sure it got done before we lost our focus.

200/400/600/400/200 swim on 1:30 base/100

10 x 50 kick with fins

7 x 100 IM @ 1:45

3000 yards total

I’m feeling pretty tight after that workout so I guess I put the right amount of effort into it. I need to ratchet these hour long swims up to like 3500 yards or more if I can for the next couple months. I may have to go a little antisocial and swim some of my own workouts and not do what the group is up to since I have a couple monster open water swims en route (10 and 12.6 milers!). It may even be time to try and figure out how to work in some doubles. I’m working long distance with my coach to come up with some LCM workouts for me to do by myself as a supplement to my open water workouts and the SCY stuff I do in Santa Maria.

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