So it’s almost time for Big Shoulders! I’m stoked to get back to Chicago in a couple weeks. Now that the event is sold out and registration is closed they sent out some psych sheets. Like last year it was just everybody all together with no divisions for distance, website or age group mixed in so…. like last year I used my excel skills for good and turned it into a broken down psych sheet kind of deal. So here you go, the annual unofficial Rob Aquatics Big Shoulders Breakdown! Enjoy and if you find an error it is totally not my problem :) this is for your entertainment only

Men’s 5k
Men’s 5k with wetsuit

Men’s 2.5k
Men’s 2.5k with wetsuit

Women’s 5k
Women’s 5k with wetsuit

Women’s 2.5k
Women’s 2.5k with wetsuit

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