me and Niel out at the Poly Pier

For everyone that didn’t show up to the beach tonight… bad move. It was epically gorgeous in Avila and the water was 63(!!!!) which is the warmest water we’ve had in at least a year. This is my kind of “warm water,” it felt awesome. The sun was shining and there was a little wind but not much. Just enough to get the water moving a bit in a left to right kind of direction which is a little odd for here. We had some sailboats a ¬†ways off shore and not much in the way of wildlife, just a couple of pelicans.

At first it looked like it was going to be just me and Niel but we picked up a third at the last moment. Niel picked out the route and decided we’d do something a little different. We were going to swim to the end of the pier, hang a right and swim all the way to the Poly Pier, then turn back to the buoy line to the Avila Pier before swimming back in.

view down the Avila Pier

Even though it was “warm” it took me a couple minutes to get acclimated… I was stalling a little bit until one big wave came out of no where and decided it was time for me to get all the way wet. Since you can’t argue with a wave bigger than you are tall I agreed. From there we swam out to the buoy line and stopped to make sure everyone was doing ok and then made our way to the end of the pier. On the way out there a jet skier shot past us a little too closely and a little too quickly. I don’t know if he saw us or not, I’m just glad he didn’t come back past us. Once we hit the end of the pier I took a minute to admire the sailboats off in the distance.

swimming to the end of the pier, sailboats in the distance

The pier to the middle of the other pier was our longest uninterrupted stretch. I tried to just hold pace with Niel and focus on what I was doing with my stroke. If I’m going to swim 10k this weekend I need to do it right if I don’t want to hurt myself in the process. At the other pier we took a bit of a break and I caught a couple of seals checking us out from a distance. Just 2 little heads on top of the surface, just like the 3 of us humans. I’m pretty sure they were making fun of us for being slow… seals are mean like that.

Niel and Dave at the Poly Pier

On the way back to the buoy line we passed through a few different warm patches which was kinda weird because I’m usually only lucky enough to find the spots in the ocean where the temperature drops 4 degrees :) The water today was probably the optimal temperature for me… not so cold you might die, but cold enough I was in no danger of overheating. I could have stayed out there for hours.

We ended up swimming under the pier so that we could come in at the same spot we started from. By now the shadow of the pier was darkening most of this stretch of water but it was still nice and warm. 3/4′s of the way in I stopped and waited for a ride the rest of the way in. It took a while before a decent wave presented itself, but once I got a hold of one I rode it all the way back to the beach. A perfect end to a perfect swim!

I think this one looks kinda spooky but in a cool way :)

Tonight I gotta get ready and pack my bags for Indiana. I take off Thursday night and hit the ground in Indy on Friday morning. Tomorrow I’ve got one last pool swim before I split town. I’m not totally sure what I want to do with it. Hard? Easy? Short stuff? Long stuff? Most of these open water races I’m not too concerned about, but 10 kilometers is a haul! Whatever we do I just want to make sure I’m feeling good and my shoulders are happy.

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