Once I got to the end of the day I decided that I wanted to play in the ocean. I texted a few friends to see if I could get a buddy to come out with me but it was a little too last minute. So I improvised a bit and decided to go boogie boarding instead.

I ran home after work and threw on some board shorts and grabbed a rash guard and towel. Only problem is I don’t own a boogie board… my first stop was K-Mart in hopes of solving this cheaply… no such luck. They had a ton of boogie boards but they had a weight limit. Who knew these things had weight limits? So the cheapie boards at K-Mart only go up to 120 pounds, I just missed it… by about 100 pounds… crap. Plan B was formed on the way back to the truck. There’s a local surf shop that sells cheaper not necessarily top brand name stuff over by the outlet mall. I drove over there and found some stuff more in line with what I needed. I grabbed the biggest size of boogie board they had and parted ways with like $50. Way more money than I meant to spend, but it’s cool… it made me happy :)

At the beach I was a little concerned by the complete lack of surfers. There were waves out there but they were a total mess. I mainly just wanted to play anyways so I didn’t really care. I walked out aways and then put my fins on that I had in the truck. The whole excursion basically turned into a big kick set with fins and the occasional wave flipping me over. I tried to ride a few of them but the waves weren’t really surfable. After a little while I noticed I had been drifting south a little more than I had realized. I started about 50 meters from the pier and by the time I got out of the water I probably had to walk like 300m back to my towel.

So basically I went to the beach and got nothing accomplished, but I smiled and laughed and had a good time. I’m going to go ahead and call that a win.

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