I missed out on a bonus workout yesterday with my Santa Maria swim buddies because the pool was closed for the holiday, but we were back in action today for lunch. On the way in I ran into Dani who made us a plate of some fatty and delicious looking banana chocolate chip muffins… that was all the motivation I needed to swim fast today! The faster I swim, the faster muffins get in my belly… sounds like a good deal to me :)

We started with just me, Mike, Duke and Dani and added Tyler a little later in the workout. I had some dude hop in the other half of my lane at some point as well… I don’t know what he was up to, but he stayed on his side so I was fine sharing some lane real estate. Mike needed to split early so we went with a ladder of freestyle to cram in as much distance as we could before he had to go. The workout went like this 200/400/600/400/200 with a descending base time per 100 that started at 1:40 and went down to 1:20.

Since the plan was lots of freestyle with no major breaks I grabbed my SwiMP3 to distract me a little as we swam. Normally I think it’s rude to tune out musically like that, but at least while that set was going on nobody was talking so I felt it was totally ok for me to rock out a little bit.

After the freestyle ladder Mike and Duke were done for the day. Dani challenged me to a 200 reverse IM so I stuck around and did that. I gave her about a 60 yard lead before I got moving. It took me a little while, but I caught her at the last turn. She’s been getting faster! We didn’t exactly set the world on fire with lots of distance today, but two grand isn’t bad for like 35 minutes of swimming.

When me and Dani got out of the pool the plate of magically delicious looking muffins had disappeared! Nooooooooooooo! I was temporarily crushed… not even the plate was left on the table! We figured either the other guys polished them off or some little kid was sitting on the other side of the pool stuffing his face with muffins. I decided to blame the giant blow up octopus…

he looks guilty to me

I found out later through the magic of Facebook they followed Duke home. I guess he deserved them, he ran a 15k race this weekend in SD and followed it up with an 8 hour drive home through traffic! All I’m saying though is if Dani brings baked goods again I’m eating them BEFORE we swim!

3 Responses to “The Case of the Disappearing Swimmer Muffins”

  1. Jinxi says:

    ha ha … it’s like a Nancy Drew case or something (and you solved it with FB – LOL)

    I love the big octopus! Octopodes rule!!

    Great post. =)

  2. Rob D says:

    See Facebook is good for something! :)

    The octopus was an unexpected addition to the pool deck today… never seen that here before!

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