I was very stoked today to get a call from David fresh off his epic crossing of the Catalina Channel letting me know he was driving through my town en route to San Francisco. I skipped lunch and held an hour open so that I could go hang out with him once he got all the way up to Pismo from Orange County.

Around 2:30 he hit town and I ran out towards the beach to meet up with him. I wasn’t sure if we’d just hang out for some coffee or actually hop in the ocean for a little post channel recovery swim so I made sure I had a suit and goggles in the truck. He was feeling like a little dip which I was pretty happy about because the beach was looking pretty nice. We walked down to the beach and got suited up. I only had a Rob Aquatics speedo with me so I had to go European tourist style today. Normally on the beach I’ll wear a jammer just for the sake of everyone else on the beach, but today they got the zebra speedo… sorry folks :)

The plan was to swim straight out to one of the buoys about 400m off shore and then play it by ear from there. The water was probably about 58-59 degree and the surf was pretty small. Although I’ve intended to do this swim before I’ve never actually found the buoy before. It’s pretty short and just gets lost out there in the ocean. We waded out aways (Pismo is really shallow) and eventually got down to actually swimming. Even though the surf wasn’t big the water was definitely moving. The swim out was pretty uneventful but we did stop a couple times to try and figure out where that buoy was.

Much to my surprise we actually found it! We floated around by the buoy for a bit and chatted while soaking in the view. Not too far from us a fairly big dolphin broke the surface and then swam away. That’s always cool to see! David saw a seal off to the other side but I didn’t catch him. Eventually we figured we had to come up with some kind of plan. We decided to just swim back towards the beach and try to maybe grab a wave en route.

It was really great for me to meet David in person and hear about his Catalina Crossing first hand. David blogs pretty regularly about his swims on the USMS website and you can check out part one of his Catalina swim here. Make sure you watch his USMS Blog to catch the rest of the swim! I’m hoping our race schedules cross each other next year so I can see him out in the water again some time soon!

…and I know you all are accustomed to me having all kinds of pictures, but I totally left my camera on my desk today… boo. I was charging the battery and totally forgot it wasn’t in my bag, sorry kids.

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