I landed in Indianapolis this morning after flying all night to get here. I ran into another swimmer while waiting for my last flight in Detroit who has also been at a lot of the same swims as me this summer and chatted a while as we waited for our flight.

In the afternoon I drove out to Noblesville to get checked in for the 10k and to get a little boat tour of the course. They had some pontoon boats that volunteers would cruise you around the lake in to see what the course looks like and where the buoys were. This is a big spread out course! Sighting could be exciting :o

Afterwards they had a little briefing/Q & A session about the swim. I sat with Evan and his wife and a few other younger swimmers. One guy from my age group I’ve seen at a few swims and a girl that I’ve talked to online before but hadn’t met in person yet.

I’m waking up early tomorrow to go put in 10k in 85 degree water! In the meantime I have lots of fluid to ingest…

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