ok ok I know that's D.C. up there but I stayed in Virginia for that trip, it counts right?

This afternoon I got in one last quick swim in Santa Maria. It was kind of an odd day at the pool, I barely got a lane. It started out with me as the only masters type person but 2 more joined me after I got in about 500 yards. We did a loosely assembled workout that mainly consisted of 500′s. I mixed in one all out 100 with fins just to feel fast for a little bit. I swam around 56 seconds which I think is pretty ok from a push.

I’m leaving in a couple hours for Virginia and the 4th out of 5 USMS Open Water National Championships! This will be my last excursion all the way to the East Coast for the summer so I gotta make it count :) I’m working on some plans to possibly go swim tomorrow in Richmond with my friend Allison who blogs over at OpenWaterSwim.net, and then I’m doing the 2 mile cable swim at Chris Green Lake in Charlottesville. In the meantime I have 3 planes to catch to get there… see you guys in Virginia!

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