I made a quick excursion to Avila today partially to get back into some cold water and partially to help a friend get a little faster and more comfortable in the ocean. I caught up with Dani at the beach around 6 and we mainly just swam up and down the buoy line on the left hand side of the pier. It took me a little while to get all the way wet… this was about a 30 degree drop in temperature from my last open water swims… but once I was in I managed to acclimate pretty fast which surprised me. I guess my body is getting used to this extreme temperature yo-yo-ing.

I let Dani get out ahead and then chased her down at the first buoy. From there we worked on fixing a few things in her stroke to speed her up and swam down to the end of the line together. Next we tried a little sprint leg from that buoy back to the middle one. I swam right up in her business to simulate that race sensation. Normally on our regularly scheduled Avila swims everyone minds their own business, but we were trying to get her used to the stresses of swimming in a race with a whole bunch of other people.  From there we did a few circles of more stretched out swimming and her stroke was really coming together and was looking good. We finished up with a sprint back into the beach through the surf.

Hopefully all that swimming in circles, make believe pack swimming and stroke tweaking leads to some fast swim splits for her next tri! All told we probably swam about 3/4 of a mile… good enough for a day I would normally rest instead of swimming.

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