I mean yeah I like cold water, but it’s July… can I at least have some high 50′s in mid summer? It was pretty chilly tonight… no official reading but the general consensus amongst the 5 of us swimming was 55-56. The nearest ocean buoy is reading 53-54 (it’s usually a little warmer where we swim) so I think our guesses were pretty close to right on. The nice thing is I had a partner in wetsuitlessness… Dave VM was out there in just a speedo. He’s gearing up for a 12 mile swim from Anacapa Island back to the mainland early next month.

you guys go on ahead... I'll be right behind youI took my sweet ass time getting into the water today. I’ve been a little sick/run down and that cold was really hard on me. Once I got going my skin just burned… it probably took half a mile before I transitioned from burning cold to semi-numb.  There was a lot of chop in the water today and it was moving right to left so when I picked out the route I decided to front load the course with the worst chop early on. I think the best word to describe the leg from the end of the left end of the buoy line to the tip of the pier is burly. The water was relentless and coming straight at us. It wasn’t real big but the way it was spaced out and the speed it was moving made it fun and challenging.

floating at the end of the pier

On the way to the tip of the other end of the buoy line we still got a little bit of the chop but it wasn’t quite as bad. As we neared the actual buoy we got a very welcome warm patch. I have no idea what was making it warm and why but I was pretty stoked to find some water that was a few degrees warmer. We finished by swimming under the pier with the current to our backs and then turned back towards shore. All in all about a mile and little bit.

Tomorrow I should be back in the pool in Santa Maria assuming I can actually get there. On Tuesday the freeway was backed up for a few miles for mystery reasons which kept me from making it to the pool… I was not pleased! Friday I have another ocean swim planned and then it’s off to Santa Cruz for a few races!

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