woah that's cold!

I made my valiant return to the ocean and it was quite the ocean swim. Cold, choppy, and totally fun. We were about 6 swimmers deep today and we swam the triangle around the pier which adds up to about a mile and change.

my neoprene encased friends getting a head start on me

I was making the jump from mid 80′s water back to high 50′s today so it took me a little bit to get all the way wet. I was the first one in the water just because I needed the time to get somewhat acclimated before everyone else came through in their wetsuits. I was still the last one to actually start swimming… 58 was feeling really cold to me today! I met up with everyone at the buoy line and I was feeling pretty cold still but I started to warm up on the way to the end of the line. We were charging right into the chop on this leg and that made it nice and distracting for me. I had to think about the water and when/where to breathe instead of being cold. We regrouped at the end of the right side of the buoy line to decided where to go next. We toyed with the idea of swimming to the Poly pier but opted to swim to the top of the Avila Pier instead. I don’t think anyone wanted to keep charging directly into the chop.

at the end of the buoy line contemplating our next move

As we made moves for the pier I started feeling really good. My shoulders were doing great and my body was getting comfortable with the idea of sub 60 again. This kind of water is really more where I belong. There were plenty of people fishing on the pier today so we tried to steer really clear of it today and regrouped a good distance away from the top of it. Once we had everyone gathered up we aimed for the last buoy on the other side of the pier. This time we were moving with the chop which was an interesting sensation. To me it felt like almost catching little waves that never broke. You’d get that little lift from the swell and then fall back down to where you started.

Eventually we rounded the last buoy and aimed back towards the pier and through the chop again. We planned to turn early so as to avoid the fish hooks dangling off the pier. Since the wind was blowing towards us a lot of their lines were out way further than usual. I decided to sprint in from the buoy line back to the beach. I just wanted to be fast for a couple hundred meters. I turned the kick way up and let my arms spin. It felt good. Hopefully I can turn some of that on in my upcoming shorter races in Santa Cruz and Long Beach! I stopped short of the beach to try and grab a wave or two. I caught just a piece of one and decided to swim back out a little bit to get a better one. I body surfed the next one all the way back into the beach… I love doing that! One of these days I need that to happen in a race!

everybody out

I’m not 100% sure what’s going on tomorrow. I may have a special guest visiting or I’ll be racing 150 yards of fly at my workout… possibly both… Thursday’s plans are still up in the air as of right now, either way I should have something good for you guys tomorrow night :)

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