I really just needed a good hard set today to shock my body a bit. I’ve been getting into this long slow groove with all the open water action I’ve been in recently, so today was a good opportunity to take that another direction since I ended up marginally in charge of the workout! When I got to the pool there were only 3 of us Masters types. We did our default warm up and waited to see who else showed up. A few more trickled in eventually.

I had us do a short kick set after the warm up and then four rounds of a personal favorite: 25, 50, 75, 100. I wasn’t sure what interval to go with since I wasn’t totally sure who all was going to be in the water for it. We had a big spread in abilities so we gave it a big interval, 1:00 per 50. The idea was the slower swimmers would be able to make it and the impetus was upon the faster swimmers to really work each chunk of the set to get the most out of it. Me and Mike split a lane which was good because he generally holds a pretty hard pace. I didn’t really catch my times on any of the short stuff, but my 100′s ranged from about 1:02-1:10 (I cheated on the 1:02 though… it was the last 100 and I did it with fins to make it faster/harder)

200 swim
200 kick
200 pull

5 x 100 kick w/ fins

Repeat x 4
25 @ :30
50 @ 1:00
75 @ 1:30
100 @ 2:00

2100 yards

It wasn’t a particularly long workout, but everyone was huffing and puffing at the end of it… well and towards the beginning and the middle too :) Tomorrow I’m back in the ocean for one more cold water swim before I jet off to Indiana where the water is currently 84 degrees! No!!!!!!! Hopefully it’s cloudy or something for this 10k… 3 hours in water that hot is going to be hard for me to process.

In other news… USMS has put out a video profile of USMS President Jeff Moxie. Jeff actually swims on my team and coaches some of the workouts. Check the video out, he’s a good guy, you’ll like him :)

4 Responses to “Hard and Fast…”

  1. Jinxi says:

    When I first saw the title of this blog I thought maybe your site had turned into the kind I needed to prove my age & pay to get into (ha ha). =)

    Awesome workout. It looks like it was a beautiful day out there too.

    Woah…84 degree water in Indiana? Bring some ice cubes with you, eh? Have a great time there!

  2. Rob D says:

    Ha ha, I guess I should read these things a little harder before I hit publish huh? ;)

    But yes… ridiculously beautiful day up here yesterday, hopefully it holds for my trip to the ocean after work today!

  3. Jinxi says:

    PS – just love that video about Jeff! It’s so fantastic, as is he. =)

  4. Jinxi says:

    No, no … I liked the title – I thought it was awesome!
    And who knows, you might get some hits today from a totally new crowd (he he). ;)