The ocean was all over the place tonight… plenty of chop that came from pretty much whatever direction it felt like coming from. I’m not sure if it’s true or aqua-geologically possible, but I’ve decided to blame it on the earthquake that happened 30 minutes prior down in SoCal. It’s a good story and I’m sticking to it.

We had 4 dudes swimming tonight and we decided to get in on the left side of the pier tonight because so many people were fishing off of the left hand side of it. There were actually a few pretty formidable waves in the mix when we were getting in. I took my time getting all the way wet today. Even though it was a balmy 57 degrees, I was a little slow getting acclimated for whatever reason. While waiting in some waist to chest deep water I saw a seal basically body surf the top of a wave. He was taking it parallel to shore with his head poking out the top, you could see the whole rest of his body through the face of the wave. It was cool to see and a good reminder of how much people suck at water sports when compared to our marine mammal counterparts. So the awesome part is I saw this while holding a camera… the downside is it all happened to fast for me to take a picture! Instead you get this professionally done artist’s rendering of the event…

I'm pretty much a MS Paint virtuoso

Anyways I was the last guy out to the first buoy because I took so much time on the beach. The plan was to swim the triangle (buoy line, top of pier, end of the other side of the buoy line, back to the pier and in) which is good for a mile and a little change. From the get go we could tell the swim was going to be a little harder than usual. We were getting tossed around a bit and the chop was pretty sneaky. It wouldn’t necessarily come from the same direction twice in a row, and it broke over your mouth while breathing with deadly precision. Half way to the top of the pier I almost yakked after inhaling a mouthful of briny wonder. Ewww.

When we regrouped at the end of the pier I was feeling way colder than I should have been. I don’t know what my deal is but I wasn’t processing the cold as well as I normally can. I wasn’t going to get in any kind of hypothermic trouble or anything, I just wasn’t particularly comfortable. I tried to hold a pretty good pace on the way to the next turn but it didn’t really generate any extra heat.

We finished by going about 3/4 of the way back to the pier and then turning towards shore. Normally we’d go in further but there were people fishing pretty far out on the pier and we didn’t want to go too close and get hooked for our trouble.

I changed into some drier clothes on the beach and had a bit of a shiver on me. Real subtle but it was there. This is notable because I almost never shiver. I spent 90 minutes in much colder water just like a week and a half ago with zero problems. I guess it’s just a good reminder that everyday is different when the ocean is involved.

My big swim this weekend is in Virginia and from what I’ve been hearing cold water isn’t going to be a problem… at all! Word on the street is I could be looking at as much as 30 degrees warmer for my 2 mile race on Saturday, yikes! I’m not built for that kind of heat so we’ll see how I do in borderline hot tub water. Tomorrow I’m sneaking in one last pool swim and then flying out to the east coast over night.

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