On the 4th of July the local beaches are a mad house at best so I was a little worried about getting in my swim today. If I would have showed up at my normal time I probably would have parked like a mile away from the ocean. Instead I came in a little after 8 and had a leisurely breakfast then spent some time walking the pier. Once I went to set my stuff up on the beach I was greeted by this…

sounds pretty scary when taken out of context

The part they left out is this was triggered by yesterday’s incident in Shell Beach which involved a small bite from a non man eating shark under 4 feet long. Our best guess is the dude either stepped on it or kicked it and got bit for it. Although I saw lots of dorsal fins in the ocean today, they all belonged to dolphins which we take to be a good sign that “real” sharks aren’t in the general vicinity.

Anyways… I still had a pretty good amount of time before my swim started so I threw on some board shorts and grabbed my boogie board to go play in the surf. The waves were actually really nice and clean today, but the bigger ones were really spaced out. You’d get like 10 little guys and then one that made all the waiting worth it. I’ve never really been able to pull off much more than hitching a ride on a wave before, but today I managed a little bit of a turn and attempted a spin even! My 360 ended up being about a 280 though… I’ll get it next time :)

After catching a few waves I brought my board back in and waited for my swim. People were starting to trickle in… I wasn’t the only person that decided today was a good day to show up early. By the time we needed to get in the water the group was up around 7 swimmers. No one was looking for anything major today, just a fun mellow swim.

We ended up just cruising this buoy line. There were a ton of fishermen on the pier and a lot of boat action so it seemed like a good idea to keep close to the buoys to stay out of trouble. At the far end of the buoys me and Dave (the other guy with no wetsuit on today) just chilled out for a while. He’s getting ready for a big 12 mile swim and just needed today as practice being cold. He did 16k in the pool the day before which is kind of hard for me to fathom… even in a long course pool that’s a lot of turns! After a pretty long time of just hanging out at the buoy we decided to swim it back in. We went down the buoy line and under the pier then arced back towards the beach. We had to make sure and give the pier plenty of distance to make sure we avoided the fisherman. We stopped part way to the beach and looked for a good wave to body surf the rest of the way in. An absolutely perfect wave presented its self! Both of us turned to sprint into position and we both got a piece of it. That was probably the best wave I’ve ever body surfed in my live! Both arms straight out in front of me going faster than I could ever swim on my own… I felt like Aquaman!

Once everyone got out it was time for lunch. On holidays we usually do some kind of potluck lunch, today’s lunch came with a bit of a show. There was some kind of boat parade not too long after our swim. I’ve never seen anything like that before, it was kind of interesting.

boat parade action

The rest of my day is all about food, sleep, and possibly beer. As a local I’ve pretty much given up on the fireworks down at Pismo Beach… too much hassle for not that much payoff. Last time I went I got hit repeatedly with the aftermath of amateur firework displays… I’m still not sure what kind of genius thinks it’s a good idea to play with fireworks on a densely crowded beach… anyways, I’m off to enjoy what’s left of the day!

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