The water today at Avila was the warmest feeling I’ve run into so far this year! Niel wasn’t there to measure the temperature but it felt like it was in the high 50′s, maybe even nipping at 60! Hopefully that holds for this weekend’s swim. From the beach the water was looking pretty smooth and even though there were pelicans fishing that was the only animal action I saw today.

The beach was packed today but we were only 4 swimmers deep. We decided to aim for about a mile. The plan was to do the triangle (down the buoy line, to the top of the pier, to the end of the other side of the buoy line, and then back to the pier). We got in on the left hand side of the pier and then swam under to take on the right hand side of the buoy line first. The deeper we get into summer the more fisherman we have to deal with… swimming near the pier is starting to get a little hairier. I’ve almost been caught once, I have no desire to actually get hooked.

We held a pretty mellow pace through the whole swim and regrouped at all the turns. It was beautiful day to just float around in the ocean, too bad we all have jobs because we could have easily spent all day out there in that water!

Tomorrow I’ll be in the office all day so no lunch time swim for me… not sure where I’m going to get my swim in tomorrow. Going to start figuring that out now!

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