making decisions at the end of the pier

I think my body has ceased to find this random jumping in water temperature amusing. In the last 2 weeks I’ve been in everything between probably 53-77 degrees and holy crap is it hard to go backwards after you’ve had some time in warmer water! It’s incredibly fortunate that my Alcatraz swim came before the 68 degree waters of Lake Del Valle because I was hurting today in what was measured at 57 but believed by no one (I’m saying 55 at best).

Besides the whole frosty portion of the swim, it was a great night to be out. We were 8 swimmers deep and I was really excited to see Dave in the water, he’s a super legit open water swimmer and someone whose brain I’m hoping to get to pick in the near future over a Pismo to Avila swim this summer. Me and Dave went wetsuitless tonight but everyone else went with the rubber which in all honesty was probably the better idea.

The initial plan tonight was down the left side of the buoy line, up to the top of the pier and then see what happens. The swim down the buoy line was pretty easy, but the leg out to the pier was against some really short choppy water. We were swimming at just the wrong angle and getting the full brunt of it. I kind of liked it though :) It kind of fascinates me how little effort is involved in the ocean letting you know just how insignificant you are to it.

my friend Dani at the end of the buoy line

Out at the end of the pier the group was splitting in two pieces and I wasn’t sure which one to swim with. One was going straight in, the other to the right end of the buoy line and back. Between wanting to conserve some energy for this weekend and the seal that surfaced and breathed really loudly like 10 feet behind me, I decided to just swim it in nice and smooth and easy. All told it was probably about 3/4 of a mile.

On the beach I got dried off quick and hit the road. Normally I like to hang out for a while but I had places to be. Tomorrow I’ll be hitting the pool in Santa Maria and racing stage 3 of my fly showdown with Mike, we’re up to the 100!

this view is pretty much unbeatable

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