much better, one friend told me I look like a happy bearded seal

The last couple days haven’t exactly gone my way so I was a little grumpy today. I missed my swim on Thursday and I really needed something to break me out of my funk. I decided to solve this with cold salt water, it seems to solve all problems.

I ran down to the beach at lunchtime and got in the water next to the pier. I wanted to shoot for one of the buoys that they put out there a little while ago but they’re pretty small and essentially impossible to see from in the water. After walking out a ways and getting used to the water temp (57?) I swam out maybe 300m. Played in the surf out there for a little bit and then sprinted in through the waves.

600ish meters isn’t exactly a big swim, but it was exactly what I needed. When I got out I had to make a beeline to the office and get back to work. I spent the rest of my workday a little salty but happy :)

kelp forest escapee

Pismo as seen from the sea

view towards the pier

on the way into the ocean

awesome day to play at the beach

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