Today I made a trip down to the beach after work just to soak in the cold water to regain my cold water tolerance a bit. My North Carolina trip threw my body off a little bit and I need to get it back in line before I spend and hour and a half floating around the San Francisco Bay this weekend.

I went out in a rash guard and a jammer and just walked straight out for a while. Pismo is really shallow and I never got to a spot where the water was deeper than I was tall. Once the waves started crashing into my chest it really took the wind out of me, but after about 5 minutes or so I got myself acclimated. I swam out a little ways once I felt ok to put my face in the water and had fun diving through the waves. There weren’t any good waves to try and body surf on, but there were a whole lot of them to deal with.

According to the surf report the water is somewhere between 52-55 in Pismo today. The plan is to go back out tomorrow in Avila and swim wetsuit-less again and hopefully by Saturday I’ll be back to my walrus-y self.

For those of you interested in the 1 Mile Championship race in NC, go check out Evan’s write up from it over here. Evan (who happens to be your 30-34 champion) is doing all the USMS Open Water Championships as well so I’ll be seeing him again this Sunday in Livermore!

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