I got a troubling e-mail from my friend Patrick today, his Rob Aquatics suit has gone missing!  … who manages to take a zebra printed speedo without noticing? I mean really? And if it was an intentional boosting of a banana hammock, um, it kinda stands out in a crowd so you may not be the world’s greatest criminal mastermind… just sayin’ :)
Anyways, here’s Patrick’s note to me from earlier today (shared with his permission)
Subject: Great Tragedy!

After touting the virtues of my “Rob Aquatics” zebra suit the worst thing possible that could happen, happened! After turning my back briefly, ( tee hee! ) someone relived me of my prized possession.
My depression knows no bounds, please tell me that the limited edition “Rob Aquatics” specialty zebra suits are replaceable. If so PLEASE tell me how. Going to the pool has just lost its appeal.
Your deeply depressed swimming friend,
Patrick McGinley
Rose Bowl Aquatics
This is indeed a dark day for obnoxious swim suits. Unfortunately my secret stash is out of Pat’s size, but the good news is Splish was nice enough to put the design up for sale on their site! Men’s suits are available here and ladies suits over here. Pat’s replacement is already en route and our story has a happy ending.
If you’re a fan of the blog it would make me happy on the inside if you had a Rob Aquatics suit, but if it’s not your speed Splish has a lot of other cool suits to check out and they do custom suits if you want a fancy suit that’s all your own.

3 Responses to “Have You Seen This Suit?”

  1. Jinxi says:

    Oooooh no!! What a sad day indeed!!! Sorry, Patrick.

    The good news is that should the thief be foolish enough to wear the goods, it will be spotted in an instant, eh?

  2. Rob D says:

    there is no hiding in that thing!

  3. Ahelee says:

    I just ran to check that mine is still hanging on the coat rack in my room!
    Thanks for the heads-up… I’ll remember to padlock mine to my backpack at future meets!