this felt very comic-book-tastic to me (yes I manipulated the colors a bit)

Today was absolutely perfect. I really needed to go get cold and salty today and I couldn’t have asked for a better evening to do it. Even though fog was creeping up on the coast it hadn’t entered out little bay. The sun was shining, the water was really flat, and the temps were supposedly all the way up to 58! Can’t beat that!

We had a few new faces out in the water today, one had actually come all the way up from Santa Barbara to visit and get in a swim with us! He’d seen either this website or my website and decided to make the trek up. Very Cool.

I was the first guy to step into the ocean and the last one to start swimming. Even though the water was (relatively) warm, it was still pretty cold at first! Once I made the plunge and got all the way wet it only took me maybe 300m to warm up and get happy. We stopped at the first buoy to make sure we had everyone since this was the first time out for half the group and then we made moves for the end of the buoy line. From there it was to the top of the pier.

At the pier I hung out for a pretty long time as the last couple dudes came in. I spent that time looking out at the other side of the pier to see what was going on. There were some boats parked out that way which was odd, and then a big splash! I hate big splashes! Eventually I figured out it was just a pelican. Phew. We regrouped and 2 guys swam in while the rest of us swam to the end of the right side of the buoy line. The deeper into the swim we got the better I felt. I picked up speed along the way and wasn’t getting any pain in my shoulders. At the buoy when we stopped I saw a big seal surface a couple times maybe 50m from us. I tried to get a picture, but he was very photographically elusive.

We decided to swim all the way under the pier and come in on the same side we started from. Once I swam under the pier I opened it up and broke into a bit of a sprint just to burn off my excess energy. I think I move faster in cold water… we need to have some of these big meets in sub 60 degree water just to give me a leg up :)

Tomorrow I’m back in the pool and racing Mike across 125 yards of fly and I’m hoping to arrange some sort of ocean swim on Friday, but I’m not sure if that’s a go or not yet.

under the sea

2 Responses to “Calm, Clear, and Beautiful”

  1. Jinxi says:

    Such rad photos. It sounds like it was a great swim!!!

    Can’t wait to hear about the 125 Fly.
    Gooooooooooooo Rob!!!!

  2. Rob D says:

    Thank Jinxi! One of these days I’m going to have to actually learn about photography for real seeing as I’m always taking pictures… :)

    unfortunately my fly showdown is postponed. Had some stuff go on today that kept me from making it to the pool. Shooting for tuesday now.