Today was round 3 of my Summer of Fly Lap Swim Showdown with Mike at the Santa Maria pool. Despite high hopes he smoked me yet again. We got going about 30 minutes into warm up and had one of the guys swimming with us do the send off. My start felt pretty decent, but there’s a definite feel thing that I need to get used to when racing without a techsuit. He was a little ahead at the first turn, but I pulled pretty close at the 50. Mike didn’t pull away so much on the 3rd lap, but that 4th one was all him. He hit the wall around 1:01, I came in at 1:03. At least I didn’t lose by a fraction of a second this time, that’s almost more frustrating.

after the race... I'm all smiles despite my beating

Afterwards I pretty much just coasted for a while as a warm down. I’ve got a bunch of travelling and a big race this weekend so it seemed the thing to do. A few lap swim people talked to me about our race, apparently it’s quite the crowd pleaser to have the crazy masters people go at it off the blocks!

Tonight I have to hurry up and pack, work all day tomorrow and then hop on an airplane for Maryland. See you guys on the east coast!

the flying viking ship suit upside down

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