the view from my parking space

I probably shouldn’t have been playing in the ocean today seeing as I’m mid-taper and all, but today was so fantastically nice there was no way I was going to miss swimming out at Avila tonight! The sun was shining, the winds were calm, and the water was warm! (relatively speaking) We didn’t have anyone measure it today but it was noticeably warmer than Sunday… I’d venture to say anywhere from 55-56 even. I just went out in my rash guard and jammer, it only took a few minutes to acclimate and I could have spent all day out there.

marching into the water

We had 7 swimmers total with us and all told we swam about a mile. We started with a down and back shot of the south end of the buoy line. Once we got to the pier one swimmer departed for the beach and the rest of us worked on deciding what to do next. I let it be know that I wasn’t supposed to be doing much more than I just did in the water, but if someone “talked me into it” I’d be good for some more swimming. We collectively decided a shot around the pier would be good. For a lot of the people with us today that was their first time that far beyond the buoy line.

best shot of the day

At the end of the pier we regrouped since everyone is at a different speed. I was one of the first ones out there and I floated around taking pictures and looking out at the water. I was¬†thoroughly surprised to see a gang of seals pop up out of nowhere on there way to who knows where. At first I though they were dolphins by the way they were arcing up over the surface but then I saw some faces and figured out who we were sharing the ocean with. As much as I don’t like to see the seals, they being the Great White dinner of choice and all,¬†it is still cool to see them out there going about their business.

swimming back to the pier

On the way back to the beach I took it out medium hard to the buoy line. I stopped there for a minute to make sure everyone else was on pace and doing ok and then I really opened it up for the last little part to the beach. I even swam a little butterfly when no one was looking. Butterfly in open water is definitely weird, but kind of fun.


After our swim Niel and I had dinner and then I took off for home. Since then I’ve done all kinds of shaving and I’m about to get started on some packing shortly. Tomorrow I’ll be at work, I’ll get in a quick swim in Santa Maria, and then I’m off to Atlanta that night. I’ll be on deck Friday by lunch time, stoked!

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  1. swimventure says:

    Thats very nice… For some seconds I felt I was also there with your team…