Well it finally happened. Me and Mike had our too long delayed pool show down. After the warmup I threw it out there that I wanted to race someone just for a 50. Mike said he was in and picked 50 fly. Instead of doing it right there he threw in an extra set of “warm up” that I suspect was more to try and gas me out a little bit than to warm up :)

Once we finished that set we both got up on the blocks for a quick race. We were both in drag suits so we were even there. The other people in the pool acted as starter for us. On the top they sent us off! I didn’t get as good of a start as I would have liked to, but it was decent. I worked my dolphin kicking best I could. We were even at the wall and pretty close all the way back. By the time we hit the flags I could tell he was just ahead of me enough that I wasn’t going to get him. We both touched around 27, but he beat me. Still I figure a 27 in a drag suit in the middle of practice ain’t half bad! I’m hoping we can turn this into a regular thing. One random event every Thursday or every other Thursday.

After that we did a kick set and then the rest of the kids transitioned into a set of fast 100′s. This is where I excused myself and blamed my need to taper.

200 swim
200 kick
200 pull

Repeat x 4
100 IM
75 free
50 stroke (back)
25 fast

50 fly off the blocks in :27

10 x 50 kick w/ fins

100 cool down

2250 yards total

I messed around with my camera for a bit today and everything came out with really cool colors. As usual there’s more over on my Facebook Page.

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